Blackbutt is a town that has many things to be proud of and we will be showing them off at this years Blackbutt Avocado Festival:

We're home to what we consider Queensland's creamiest and finest Avacodos, we love it so much we have a festival just to celebrate it.

But we don't just have the best Avocados, our region also produces delicious macadamias, chokos, passionfruit, honey, garlic and persimmons.

This means the chefs and cooks of our region can enjoy cooking with some of the freshest and most delicious ingredients on offer in their restaurants and cafes, which will be on display for the 2017 festival for you to try.

Luckily for us, after eating all that food, we are also blessed to have both the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, and the Bicentennial National Trail running through town, the only town that has them both.

We have a rich tradition in producing great sportspeople, including tennis great Roy Emmerson and the 2015-16 wood chop world champion, Mitch Argent.


All this will come together in this years 2018 Blackbutt Avocado Festival, with food stalls, markets stalls, avocado games, craft displays, plus now Blackbutts own online store, to provide you with an outfit to wear to the Festival, to enjoy yourself so much more...or a keepsake to have at home to remember us by...

We look forward to seeing you this year...


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